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Ludwig Schneider Company Profile

Ludwig Schneider is a german manufacturer of high-precision measuring devices for temperature and density.  Internationally their products enjoy a good reputation in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, leading material testing laboratories and science and research.


The products are fabricated to high standards in accordance with AFNOR,  ANSI, ASTM, BS, DIN, EN, IP, ISO, GOST, S.T.P.T.C., ect.


Beside a wide range of standard products we offer special solutions according to the customer’s requirements.


If requested, our precision instruments can also be supplied with a DAkkS- calibration certificate or works certificate.


Product range:



Precision glass thermometers and hydrometers acc. to Standards ASTM, IP, BS, ISO for material testing, 
Petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and food

All instruments suitable for calibration and acc. to
International standards




Precision EXACT-TEMP bottle thermometers to
Monitor temperature for ultra-low freezer, freezers, refrigerators, blood bank, incubators and ovens.

All items with certificate of accuracy and conformity




High precision digital measuring system for highest
Requirement in precision for quality control, reference in
Calibration laboratories, etc.

-	Probes acc. to specifications
-	Optional with DAkkS-calibration certificate or works calibration certificate




V-Shape Engine thermometers acc. to DIN
Exhaust Dial Thermometers

-	For heating systems 
-	For engines (ships, turbines)
-	For power plants




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